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August 11, 2015
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August 17, 2015
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New Nikon DSLR Kits…

In my first few months in the role of Media Unit Manager I’ve had the chance to meet hundreds of students and staff, most of whom have just gone through their most stressful time of year, so its been a great surprise to find everyone to be so welcoming and supportive. In this limited time I’ve taken note of student and staff feedback on the school’s ‘Media’ support and what they want see in future. A large part of this is access to current and well maintained equipment, either for use in the studio or to borrow for short periods.

The great news is that over the summer we have been able to invest nearly £20k in new equipment, much of which is going straight to to student equipment and services. The headline to this investment is the availability of new Nikon DSLR film making and stills camera kits. The Media Unit has made DSLR cameras available to students to borrow for some time, but now we are in a position to loan a complete package that covers a range of photographic disciplines.

Each kit comes packed with everything you need to create content to a professional level. These kits are perfect for interview recording, model photography, stop frame animation and time lapse film making. The included 32gb memory card will store enough video for hours of recording and over 1000 raw still images.

All of this comes in a study camera bag, which contains one of our contact cards should you need to get in touch. Please remember that to borrow these kits and any other loan equipment from the SSoA, you must read and agree with the SSoA equipment Loans policy. You will need to login to complete the form using your normal university login details.

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