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Live Projects & Musical Surprises

Live projects is one of the cornerstones that marks the SSoA out as a great school of Architecture,  with students and staff pushing boundaries of the discipline to create some truly inspirational and unique content that challenges the norms of a traditional Architectural Education. Now in its 16th year, Live Projects Aims to bring students from different courses together, and in teams, work with real world clients to produce content that is used to promote and enhance small business, charities and volunteer groups who give their time for free in exchange for this content.  The methodology as much as the result form part of the student’s assessment so much of the project was documented by the teams.

More this year than in any past, Live Projects content has been delivered using a wide range of digital media, from photography, time-lapse video and stop frame animation, to virtual tours and computer generated sequences. It was great to see so many M/Arch and PGT students using the Media Unit, both for advice and more structured tutorials as well as for equipment loans. Our new Nikon DSLR camera kits were permanently on loan and we’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of video focused work being produced as a result.

One project in particular challenged us to think a bit differently, Spatial Resonances was a Live Project collaboration with the Department of Music that created unique musical video pieces for the Sheffield Modernist Society. Its not everyday that we’re asked to photograph a full sized Piano and pianist in the studio, but it was a great opportunity to hone some of our low key lighting techniques to create a sense of space and scale.

On a personal note its great to see such high quality content being produced by by all Live Projects groups who have responded with real professionalism to real world project briefs.

IMG_6106     DSC_2092      IMG_6101 (1)

One of the Spatial Resonances video pieces focusing on Castlegate can be seen below. For more from this group, please visit the Spatial Resonances YouTube channel.  Keep an eye on the Media Unit Vimeo page for more Live Project videos.

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