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December 23, 2015
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August 2, 2016
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New Manfrotto Befree Ultra Compact Tripods

Thanks in part to the sale of obsolete and vintage camera equipment over the past few months, and to the SSoA’s continuing commitment to fund the development of Digital Media content, the Media Unit is introducing a new Tripods by Manfrotto to compliment the DSLR camera kits which have proven to be very popular since their introduction in 2015. ┬áThis new tripod is ultra light, ultra compact and has the same professional design and sturdiness as other Manfrotto tripods. ┬áMeasuring just 35cm when packed away, this tripod can fit into most shoulder bags, but can also extended to head height, and carry up to 4kg of weight.

On top is a high quality Manfrotto Ball head, which is great for getting the perfect angle for your photography work. Students have often commented on the need to take shots in low light, but have been wary of borrowing very large and heavy tripods. We hope this tripod will answer this issue. At the moment we have purchased an initial quality of 3, but if popular, then more may be available.

Come and see us in the Media Unit for a demonstration!

More info on the tripod and its capabilities here (external website)


The Media Unit
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