The Virtual Exhibition 2016
August 2, 2016
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Artefact Digitisation Service

Due to a significant investment in virtual reality, 360 degree photography and 3d modelling technology over the summer period, I’m pleased to announce a new service for students who want to preserve physical models but cannot practically store and maintain them for a long period.  By using the concept of ‘object movies’ combined with high resolution photography, it is now possible to make a three dimensional, photorealistic digital version of any physical object. The artefact is then saved as a HTML5 responsive webpage, with maximum cross-platform and device compatibility.

Imagine the ability to show off a physical model alongside your portfolio at an exhibition or networking event, or during a job interview, or just for archive or posterity, the possibilities are expansive.

This service is open to all students in the SSoA who want to digitise a physical artefact for their studies. Other departments or external bodies wishing to use this service, please contact for more information.

You can see examples of this technique embedded into this post or on in our ‘Virtual Exhibiton’ project here:

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