Nikon DSLR Camera Kits

The Media Unit DSLR filming and stills kit features everything you need to create stunning images, both still and moving. The Nikon D5300 camera can record 24 megapixel stills in RAW format for huge latitude in Photoshop and can record 1080p video at a range of frame rates. The camera also features modes for stop frame animation and a built in timelapse function.

The kit is loaned in a sturdy camera bag and contains:

  • Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

  • 18-55mm Nikon VRII lens.

  • Rode Video Mic (available on request)

  • 32GB Sandisk SD Card

  • Camera Charger and Battery

Alternative lenses can be borrowed on request (for example; macro adaptor for close-up work, 50mm prime lens for low light etc…)

All University of Sheffield Students have access to the training portal.  We recommend you take the beginners course on the Nikon D5300  before borrowing this kit. Take the course here. It takes approx 1 hour to complete and you will need your University login details.


Environmental Monitoring Equipment

We have a range of equipment to help you monitor and record environmental conditions on site or in the lab. Our most popular item is the general purpose environment meter which records sound level, relative humidity, temperature and light level all in one device and is perfect for general recording of environmental conditions.

For more advanced work or specialist projects, we can loan dedicated devices for measuring light, sound and Co2 including data logging equipment. Please contact us for more details.


Site Surveying Equipment

We offer a variety of site surveying equipment such as Automatic Levels, Telescopic Staffs, Range Poles, Tape Measures and other equipment you might need to take out onto site.

Please contact us for more information.


Manual 35mm Cameras

Many photographers, including some of our students still prefer to work with film cameras and enjoy the process of developing their own film. While we can no longer offer a dark room service for film development, we can loan SLR bodies and lenses to those students who would like to either learn the basics of photography, or prefer to use film in their projects and would like to try a different camera model.

We have a selection of Nikon SLR cameras, including F3 and F4 bodies. We do not sell 35mm film,  but we can advise on recommended suppliers and types of film to  best suit your project as well as development services for colour and larger format negatives in the Sheffield Area.

The students Union photographic society has a functioning darkroom for the development and printing (enlargement) of Black and White film. Please see here for more details.  


Sound Level Meter

 The Cirrus hand-held sound level meter and accessories will cover all noise measurement applications from simple noise tests to detailed noise analysis.

DSC_4961 copy

Tripods and Grips

The perfect compliment to our DSLR Camera kits, we have a range of grips and small, flexible tripods including adapters for smartphones to help you get that perfect shot, every time. So if you want use your own phone as a video camera, can help add a professional touch with these really simple tools.


Professional Audio Equipment

We offer a range of pro audio solutions dependent on your project. From portable Dictaphones for interview recording to multi-track recorders and professional microphones for dual system video or professional narrations. If you need to record something in a professional environment, please ask us about use of the school’s anechoic chamber at North Campus (please note availability of the chamber is sporadic based on ongoing research projects). Please contact us for more information.


Full HD 3D Projectors

New for 2015/16 academic year. These Benq Projectors are bright (2700 lumens), have a high 1080p max resolution and can be adapted to project 3D images.  Perfect for a review, presentation or exhibition.  Please note that due to low quantity available, priority will be given to staff and postgraduate students.


Photographic Lights

As part of our ongoing investment in new technology for the photo studio, we are now able to offer a photographic light loan service within the Arts Tower for students and staff wanting to enhance their work outside of the Media Unit. It maybe you want to show a model in context or simply take advantage of this service while the photo studio is busy.

We can offer a Probeam Red Head hot lamp (fitted with a 200w tungsten bulb) and a Bowens continuous lamp with integrated flashbulb.  Please contact the media unit with details of your project and we can advise which would be best to loan.


Laser Measures

We offer both Leica Disto D2 and D5 Laser Measures. With a 1.5mm accuracy laser and a range of up to 60 metres they are ideal for most internal and external applications.

DSC_4960 copy

The Diamond

If you need equipment that we don’t have, tell us first and we can advise on the best place to go. We can arrange to borrow equipment from other departments or in extreme cases purchase it if there is genuine need.

Outside of the SSoA students from all courses have access to a central pool of University equipment and creative spaces, on level four of The Diamond. The creative spaces consist:

The Creative Media Unit also has a range of Photography and Video Equipment Available for Loan Camcorders, DSLRs, GoPros, Lights, Audio Equipment, Steadicams and a host of accessories.

To find out more information or to book equipment log into the University of Sheffield Website and head to CiCS then Creative Media Services.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

A great tool for assessing the energy efficiency of buildings, the Flir Thermal camera kit can be borrowed once project details and rationale has been discussed and a short training session has taken place.

Please see our blog section for news on how this camera has helped our students complete projects in the past.

E Series

FLIR One Thermal Imaging Camera

A great tool for assessing the energy efficiency of buildings, the FLIR One Thermal camera can be borrowed once project details and rationale has been discussed and a short training session has taken place.

This piece of equipment only works for with iPhone and the FLIR One App will need to be downloaded from the App Store.

It works in the same way as the larger imaging camera it is just more portable.


A3 and A4 Lightboxes

Alongside the large format lightbox on Floor 15, the Media Unit now has both A3 and A4 portable lightboxes to loan for short periods. The a3 lightboxes are for studio use, and the A4 boxes for home use.  All of our lightboxes are daylight balanced at 5600k and are constructed using LED light sources.


Modelscope Camera/Endoscope

Available to borrow for short periods within the SSoA and for use in the Photo Studio, our endoscopic, handheld modelscope cameras allow you to take high quality interior photographs and video clips of Architectural models.

These cameras can be focused at extremely short distances and record images onto an SD card for easy of access. Please ask at the Media Unit office to borrow these devices.