Virtual Reality Review

Utilising the latest in Virtual reality technology from HTC, our flexible space in the Media Unit can be quickly converted to a room-scale virtual reality review room. Room scale VR allows the user to physically move around and interact with objects and environments. We are developing a process to allow students to simply and quickly import their Sketchup, Vector Works and Revit models into VR for fast effective presentation and review.

Additionally, students and researchers have access to a LeapMotion sensor, allowing for full motion tracking in VR spaces. For more information, see link to Leap Motion here:


Gigapixel 360 Capture

A unique service not offered in any other School of Architecture in the UK. Our gigapixel image capture service offers photography of unrivalled quality, with full 360 degree capture, entire environments, from small rooms to vast outdoor sites can be captured in incredible resolution and processed into an HTML5 web product for fast, easy viewing.  Particularly useful for students wanting to capture every facet of a space, and study in detail materials and other hard to see places.

We’re really proud that this technology and technique is being used for teaching materials in 2016/17.

Please see the Media Unit manager for more details.

Photogrammetric Site Survey

Combining  the disciplines of photography, UAV site survey and 3d modelling, we can create photorealistic, scalable and accurate 3d models from photographs of any object, site or building.

This technique is a new way to visualise and contextualise design and is a great way to engage clients and stakeholders.

Contact us today to find out more about this service and the kinds of projects we’re currently working on.


Artefact Digitisation

A service for students wanting to keep a detailed record of physical models, materials samples and other objects for their studies. A reverse engineering of our 360 capture gigapixel technique, this artefact capture service allows photorealistic, 3d versions of models to be created in a few minutes. The final HTML5 product can then be shared locally or via a web server.

See our blog post on this service here.