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Welcome to the Sheffield School of Architecture Online Exhibition 2020. This website presents the excellent work produced by students from across our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes during uniquely challenging times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the various challenges that both staff and students experienced over the last year, the work produced is impressive and deeply rooted in the School’s ethos of social conscience and sustainability. The continued success of our courses is demonstrated by the outstanding achievement of our talented and creative students, and the resourcefulness and resilience of our dedicated staff team. Our School’s ranking in most league tables also remains outstanding and confirms its position as a leading School of Architecture and a truly special and vibrant place to learn and work.

I would like to thank the exhibition and catalogue teams, and our students, recent graduates, academics, professional services staff, alumni, friends and families, and partners from the profession for their continuous support and encouragement particularly at these difficult times. Special thanks to Luis Hernan for leading this online exhibition, and colleagues and students who have supported them.

You can select a theme or programme from the top menu bar, or simply scroll down this page. I hope you will enjoy this year’s online exhibition.

Professor Karim Hadjri, Head of School

Karim Hadjri's Signature.


The BA Architecture course is a three-year honours degree programme that brings together a balanced academic education within a professionally orientated course structure. Lectures develop a broad knowledge base ranging across sciences and humanities; this knowledge is then brought to the studio where it is tested and developed through a sequence of design projects. Lectures are delivered by staff who are all at the forefront of their own field of research and/or practice. Within the studio, full-time members of staff are joined by practicing architects, who bring with them topical ideas and skills from the world of architecture. It is this combination of a rigorous academic base and accretive professional direction that exemplifies architecture at Sheffield. The dual degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Structural Engineering and Architecture enable students to integrate their architectural design work with an additional discipline, ultimately achieving dual professional qualifications. Sheffield School of Architecture is rooted in a commitment to, and appreciation of the social context of all projects, whether they be drawn or written, and an understanding of the environmental impact of every design decision.

Undergraduate Catalogue

Available for free download or to view on screen, please select the fullscreen button from the toolbar below for the best reading experience.


The MArch course at SSoA prepares students to be enterprising, employable and to use their skills to the benefit of people’s lives. At the heart of the course is a range of specialist design studios and our innovative ‘live projects’ programme, offering excellent opportunities for students to develop graduate level research by design. Students also have the opportunity to specialise further by taking a dual accredited MArch course with Landscape Architecture (MALA). The innovative Collaborative Practice route offers students the opportunity to integrate their MArch studies with continued experience in architectural practice.

Working often in difficult circumstances against a backdrop of turbulent events, the class of 2020 has demonstrated great resilience and togetherness, producing an incredible crop of projects both live and speculative that explore alternative visions in an uncertain world. Our strong studio culture has thrived in the digital space, with student led initiatives such as Students for Climate Action and Matri Arch challenging us to explore afresh what it means to be the social school of architecture.

MArch Catalogue

Available for free download or to view on screen, please select the fullscreen button from the toolbar below for the best reading experience.

Post Graduate Taught

The Sheffield School of Architecture offers four Postgraduate Taught Masters (PGT) programmes. These are built on the core strengths of academic staff, they are well received internationally and deliver excellence reflecting the School’s ethos in addressing the social, economic, environmental, and technological aspects of architecture. Each PGT programme prepares students with the academic and professional skills to further their career and the programmes are tailored to meet the special needs and interests of their students with flexible modular teaching. These range from research and practice in areas of experimental architectural design, participatory urban design, sustainability and digital design.

Post Graduate Research

In SSoA, we have a large PGR community, and our PGR researchers come from 28 countries across the world. This year we had 16 new PGR researchers joining our PhD programme, as well as several more on our relatively new 3+1 integrated Master and PhD Programme. Building on success of Manifesto PGR Conference last year, the PGR Manifesto committee organised a range of excellent events for the PGR community, including several workshops, a walk, and various food fuddles. Supporting our PGR students has always been the priority of our supervisors, this year we have organised two online workshops with our PGR community on “How to build personal resilience” and “Publication”. Our three research groups also organise activities to support our PGR researchers.

Post Graduate Catalogue

Available for free download or to view on screen, please select the fullscreen button from the toolbar below for the best reading experience.

SSoA Culture

SSoA is a social school, we are proud of our supportive and student led culture. We want to celebrate this, even during this challenging time for everyone. The feed below is a chance for our students and staff to post messages, images or videos from the past year, life in lock down, moments of happiness, anything that our staff and students feel represents their experience here at SSoA. You can post on instagram under the hashtag #ssoa_culture and the post will appear below within 15 minutes.