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Welcome to the Sheffield School of Architecture Online Exhibition 2021. Our Online Exhibition showcases the excellent work produced by students from across our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The continued success of our courses is demonstrated by the outstanding achievement of our talented and creative students, and the resourcefulness and resilience of our dedicated staff team. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to produce an online exhibition again this year hoping that next year we will welcome our students, staff, families and friends to the Arts Tower. Despite the various challenges that both staff and students experienced over the last year, the work produced is impressive and deeply rooted in the School’s ethos of social conscience and sustainability. The exhibition also features highlights of the past year from students and staff, which include images and videos of student-led events and initiatives, field trips, adapting to online learning and student socials. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the exhibition.

Professor Karim Hadjri, Head of School

The word ‘challenging’ has been somewhat overused in recent months and this past year has most certainly been exactly that. Despite significant restrictions, the Undergraduate Course has continued to evolve, develop and to flourish. Whilst the majority of course content has been delivered on-line this year, students have shown that this has been no barrier to their enthusiasm and creativity. Year 1 design programmes incorporated themes of small domestic space along with a Sheffield based exploration of the potential of the circular economy in fighting climate change. Year 2 projects were focused on the London Road area of Sheffield and the Semester 2 Housing Project hosted a symposium to discuss and explore opportunities for zero carbon design in community housing. Year 3 tutor groups virtually explored 4 global cities- Tokyo, Cape Town, Istanbul and Sao Paulo for the first semester design project before returning to Sheffield’s Kelham Island to investigate a series of museums and galleries through on-line collections for the final project in Semester 2. Each of the three Undergraduate years has hosted five guests within the ‘Towards Zero Carbon Lecture Series’, providing depth and breadth to discussions around Climate Emergency and social justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about massive changes in the way in which we deliver teaching across all modules within the course. The continued success of the Undergraduate Programme is demonstrated by the outstanding achievement of our talented, creative students and the resourcefulness and resilience of our dedicated staff team.

Set against a backdrop of turbulent events, the class of 2021 has produced a fantastic body of reflective and speculative work this year, often responding directly to the challenges and opportunities of a post pandemic world. The need to rethink assumptions about the where, the who and the how in setting up our studios this year has provided fertile ground for a range of different approaches to place. One of 3 new studios, Studio Resilient Futures combined local knowledge from tutor Lucy Dinnen’s Sarajevo-based practice with virtual and fictional methods. Responding to the challenge of Climate Emergency, Studio In Residence worked out of Live Works, SSoA’s Urban Room, exploring ways to re engage the Sheffield public through arts based practice, whilst Studio Sacred Landscapes adopted physical methods of reconnecting with the landscape working in the rugged and dramatic context surrounding Hebden Bridge. The year culminated in a wonderfully celebratory Live Projects, which coincided with the national easing of lockdown. From working with the Sheffield and District African Caribbean Community Association (SADACCA) on the Bantu Archive celebrating Black history in Sheffield, to developing a new networks of paths to connect greens spaces and promote wellbeing with Heeley Trust, Live Projects provided a timely opportunity for the students to get out into the world, to reconnect with many of our long standing community partners and to forge new relationships through a range of briefs.

The Sheffield School of Architecture offers three Postgraduate Taught Masters (PGT) programmes. These are built on the core strengths of academic staff, they are well received internationally and deliver excellence reflecting the School’s ethos in addressing the social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of architecture. Each PGT programme prepares students with the academic and professional skills to further their career and the programmes are tailored to meet the special needs and interests of their students with flexible modular teaching. These range from research and practice in areas of experimental architectural design, participatory urban design and sustainability. The PGT programmes aim to expose students to meaningful conversations and collaborations with researchers and professionals engaged in all aspects of design and the built environment. We emphasise the importance of allowing students to engage with cutting-edge research and innovation from across the full spectrum of architectural humanities, social sciences, building science, technology and design research. With this, we have an embedded studio culture within our taught and professional programmes making the school a thriving and creative place to be.

SSoA is a social school, we are proud of our supportive and student led culture. We want to celebrate this, even during this challenging time for everyone. The feed below is a chance for our students and staff to post messages, images or videos from the past year, life in lock down, moments of happiness, anything that our staff and students feel represents their experience here at SSoA. You can post on instagram under the hashtag #ssoa_culture and the post will appear below.